By: Blonde Two

But square cut or pear shaped, those rocks don’t lose their shape so diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend.  Sorry about the misquote.  I am talking about Dartmoor granite of course, not as shiny as diamonds but much bigger.

As the shiny season approaches each year, I find myself wondering if I would like something girly for a change.  Would I like smoother skin and “worth it” hair and large glittery earrings?  The answer is always sadly no.  Don’t get me wrong, I spruce up quite well and can even totter around on heels for a couple of hours; but when it comes to pressies, this girl will be happiest when she finds torches, knives, rucksacks, thick socks and emergency chocolate under her Christmas tree.

When out on Dartmoor, a girl can only really have one best friend and that has to be her walking boots.