By: Blonde One

If you’ve never listened to the artist Ron Pope, I suggest you look him up. He is a great singer and I particularly like his song ‘Good Day’. It sums up perfectly my day out yesterday. It was near perfect!

Team ‘Two Blondes’ were out training for Ten Tors and the day was excellent: the trainees were eager, enthusiastic, fun and generally great company, Little Miss Blonde came along, the sun shone, no-one got lost, a Welsh man sang beautifully (watch this space for more details), lots of calories were burnt, the Two Blondes had a mini business meeting, the new Jelly Babies packet was opened, the Young Leaders did a fantastic job. I could list more and more things that made this day great. It sounds like it was perfect, but it wasn’t quite. One Young Leader was missing, the Bearded Wanderer was missing and there was a minor first aid incident (although in the spirit of ‘Pollyanna’, this allowed me to see some amazing First Aider skills from the Young Leader). Despite these things it was a ‘good day to be alive’!