By: Blonde Two

Devon and Cornwall’s Best App – Touch Screen Travels

Devon & Cornwall’s Best – Belinda Dixon

A great little travel app

There can be no doubt about it, the South West (Devon and Cornwall) has been very busy this summer, and things don’t look set to change as we move into the autumn. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider coming, we do autumn rather well down here. However we would definitely recommend being organised and planning your accommodation, visits, and even dining experiences before you arrive.

Local highlights from a local author

That’s where Touch Screen Travels’ Devon & Cornwall’s Best app could be really handy. Full of fantastic highlights (written by a bona fide local), and really informative, it helps you organise your trip by time, destination or activity (or all three if you like). Here’s an example:

If you were travelling to West Cornwall but wanted a fun day out on the way, the Devon & Cornwall’s Best app could help you in all sorts of innovative ways.

  • You could find out what East Cornwall has to offer (including delicious lunch options) in the ‘Destination’ section
  • You could find opportunities to learn some new skills or enjoy old favourites in the ‘Activities’ section
  • You could explore places and sights you didn’t know existed in the ‘Sights’ section

Bespoke Devon & Cornwall tours

If you’re really busy, or if online research isn’t your thing, this app also includes fantastic bespoke tours, as well as links to external tour companies.

One little thing (£££)

The free version of this app works beautifully online but does include pop-up ads. The good news is that you can remove the ads and use it offline for a one-off fee of just £3.99.

One more thing

You’ll have to forgive us for our tiny bias here because Belinda is a good friend of the Blondes. One of the great things however about knowing people is that you understand their values and motivations. I’ve worked with Belinda on a few outdoor writing projects, and she’s one of the most thorough, honest and detailed travel researchers I’ve ever come across. If you download the app, you’ll be in good hands.