By: Blonde One

I am in the very lucky position to have some Christmas present money to spend. It is very important when having a surprise extra amount of cash to spend it on the right thing. Of course, there are many shops that contain a plethora of goodies that I could purchase, but I like to ponder this situation to ensure that the money is spent on the ‘right’ thing. It is making me very happy trawling through shop websites looking for inspiration and I have been tempted many times. My biggest temptation was at the lovely Cotswolds. There was a beautiful red Paramo jacket that positively screamed at me “buy me, buy me” in a very Alice in Wonderland way. As we know, Paramo isn’t cheap and in fact the price tag was double the amount of money that I had! This necessitated enlisting the opinions of Mr Blonde One and daughter in the hope that they would give the seal of approval at spending such a ridiculous amount of money after an expensive Christmas. They misheard the type of jacket and thought I said “Haribo jacket” which I think is an excellent new name! From now onwards Paramo will be known in Blonde One circles as Haribo.

The dilemma of what to do with the money is now redundant as the hoover broke last night. Typical!