By: Blonde Two

I am a bad Blonde.

Well I am a very good Blonde but I am also a bit of a mucky one. Look at my new jacket, lovingly crafted (in a most appropriately womanly size) by Craghoppers, given to me by Ordnance Survey in recognition of my Champion status and taken on its first Dartmoor wild camp last week.

And I have already spilt drinking chocolate all down it!

Which makes it a very good jacket. After all, even the most waterproof, expensive and brand labelled of jackets is no good at all if it spends its lonely life in the cupboard.

Jackets are made to be released into the wild, to experience the rain on their faces (and other bits), to feel the slime of mud on their hood and absorb the aromas of exercise as they accompany their wearer in marches up the hills. It is cruel, in fact to keep a jacket inside, to deprive it of its most basic needs and to deny it its true purpose.

A jacket is for life, not just for the cupboard. So my plea to you today is to take your jackets outside and let them get windy, wet and just that little bit wild.

You won’t regret it… I promise!!