By: Blonde Two

Our mission… should we choose to accept it!

Date: Saturday 25th November 2017

Time: Morning… ish

Location: Dartmoor

More precise location: Confidential

Personnel: Two Blondes, ten Jelly Babies

Client: Confidential

Client Location: Up Country

Cover: Two ladies going out for a gentle stroll to include the collection of a few Dartmoor 365 squares and a lunch stop ‘somewhere nice’.

Disguise: Walking gear, cosy new Bridgedale socks and comfy-looking new Keen walking boots. Rucksacks containing secret ‘mission equipment’, waterproof jackets.

Non-permitted items: Wine Gums (Jelly Baby rivals), Polo Mints (B1 will tell you why), umbrellas (too obviously spy equipment) and men (or strangers, or strange men).

Activity: Confidential

Reason for Activity: Confidential

Activity Outcome: Confidential

Things that will happen if we tell you anything else: Bad things… similar to having hair that is a number 1.


This message will self destruct in 10 seconds… or was that millennia?