By: Blonde Two

Good morning dear Blondees and Blondettes. A bit late today due to some most excellent birthday celebrations (including a cake made of Guinness and a raucous game of “Who’s in the Bag?”) last night.

I thought I would mark the nearly-end of January with a jobby update. (Incidentally, our Blonde campaign to bring the j-word into the English language is going well.)

I have had a whole month now of part-time day job and the-rest-of-the-time jobby. I have to say that it is most pleasing. Having whole days in which to write is a novelty to me. Writing to date, has had to squeeze into odd little slots of time between more mundane tasks such as cooking, cutting toe nails and sleeping.

It has been interesting to note when I find writing the most easy. Early morning is a definite, getting overnight thoughts down has become a must and (as at this moment) I am becoming quite adept at recumbent bed-typing.

Sleeping seems, in many ways, to go hand in hand with writing. There have been several occasions when I have woken up with my head on the desk and a half typed sentence on the laptop. This either means that the old grey matter needs a rest, or that what I am writing is very boring!

Only time and publishing success will tell. Watch this blog space!