By: Blonde One

Now there are many games to play on Dartmoor: eye spy, go through the alphabet listing boys names/girls names/countries etc, guess the packed lunch contents, etc, etc. But I think that the best game I have ever played was one dark night whilst trying to find my way back to my tent – hide and seek! Picture the scene: two girls (one blonde, one only blonde in attitude, not Blonde Two), a group of participants in a course for walking and camping, a lovely warm pub, a few drinks to warm us up ready for the trek through the dark back to the tents. After a lively discussion on whether girls were scared of the dark there came a challenge to a game of hide and seek to prove the point that these girls were not scared! To prove our bravery, the girls volunteered to go first (even though we were absolutely terrified!). We quickly scurried off together, found a perfect hidey hole and waited to be found. To our annoyance we were found almost instantly with great shouts of delight. The seekers seemed to make a beeline straight for us and had, what we thought, was an uncanny sixth sense about our whereabouts. I have learnt a lot about the great game of hide and seek since then and I would like to share with you the most important lesson to help a successful game … turn your torch off when hiding!!!!!