By: Blonde One

Today was a bit rubbish at work. We all have days that we are glad to leave behind and today was one of them for me: I didn’t even have the opportunity to get up onto the lovely Dartmoor to make it all better! I practically ran out of the door at the earliest opportunity, drove home as quickly as I could (without breaking the speed limit obviously) and looked forward to washing, cooking and work that I didn’t have time to do during the day! Needless to say I wasn’t in the best mood! Snow White is my favourite Disney Princess but I was definitely more like Grumpy than any smiley, pretty Princess. You may be wondering why the title of this blog is anything to do with being excited after such a stressy day. I will explain …

As I walked through the front door I was faced with a lovely looking package on the doormat. It was my new Moroccan map that I had ordered on Monday from the wonderful Stanfords. Check out their website Firstly I was amazed that it had been delivered in less than 48 hours, then I opened it up and all of a sudden my rubbish day was just a dim and distant memory. As I opened up the map I got that flutter of excitement that you get when you remember you’re going on holiday soon. Thank you very much Stanfords. I bet they didn’t realise the power they have over a Blonde?!

The map is full of amazing features including ski lifts, refuges, souks and many, many, many contour lines. Exciting hey?