By: Blonde One

Our ‘meetings’ often go off at a tangent, which probably helps to explain how they last for over 4 hours! We got distracted on the latest one by the notes in previous pages in our notebooks. It was almost like a diary as we reminisced over shopping lists, route outlines and workshop plans. Their were some that we didn’t understand, including these 2.


We wondered what or who we were drawing the plan for that included the trees. And as for the one with timings … what was that all about?! It clearly needed some careful logistics!

However, this is the page that had us completely baffled …

Here’s what we wanted to know:

  • Why did Fi only need to bring 2 things?
  • Why did we need spa stuff, girl clothes, posh clothes and walking stuff all in one trip?
  • If I was bringing a running top was I going to be doing some running?
  • What sort of bugs did I expect to encounter if I needed Skin So Soft?

The biggest question of all though was why was Holly in charge of the list?? I do have a very good friend Holly but to my knowledge, I hadn’t asked her to be in charge.

We remain intrigued by this list …