By: Blonde Two

Before I explain the title of this blog post, let me give some definitions.  Micro means small, often smaller than average (stop being cheeky).  Nano, on the other hand is an exact proportion of a whole – i.e. it is a billionth (no, I am not going to write out all of the zeros but there are a lot.)

Those of you who are hardened adventurers will no doubt have heard of Alastair Humphreys and be familiar with his most excellent adventure website  Alastair is a chap after my own heart (but not, it would appear, hair colour).  He has coined the phrase “microadventures” and spends a lot of time encouraging people to get out and do things that they might not usually do.  A “microadventure” is as small as you want it to be but must be something that you would not usually do.  For example, cycling to a beach, sleeping out for the night and then going to work the next morning or swimming down a river, cooking your lunch on a bank and then swimming back.

The other night, Mr Blonde Two and I decided that we were not quite up for a microadventure but that we could have a go at a nano-adventure instead.  In my mind, this is a much smaller, slightly less exciting affair but still something that you would not normally do.

Anyway, our nano-adventure came about because our bed linen had not dried.  Instead of using different sheets, I suggested that we slept in our sleeping bags.  This was partly because I have only used Big Orange (new down sleeping bag) once since I bought him. To make the whole thing less nano and more adventure, we really pushed the adventure boat out and slept with the curtains and one window open.  You wil notice from these pictures that Mr B2 and I have completely different sleeping temperatures and therefore different sleeping bag requirements.  How we share a duvet without arguing is a mystery to me.


The night turned out to be more of an adventure than I had planned when at 2 a.m. I needed a loo stop and woke up sweating buckets (as you would in a four season sleeping bag in the house).  Big Orange has a clever zip which doesn’t pull down when you don’t want it to.  You can see what is coming now can’t you!  The clever zip didn’t seem clever at all when I couldn’t make it undo in my hour of need.  I have since found out that I can just about wriggle my hips out of my undone sleeping bag but there was some panic I can tell you.

We enjoyed our nano-adventure although neither of us slept particularly well and will be planning some more.  Maybe we could barbecue our dinner in the garden next time it snows …