By: Blonde Two

Have a look at the poster above. Blonde detective work found this in the rather smart (if a tad complicated) loos in Exmoor’s beautiful Heddon Valley.

The scones look fabulous don’t they, and Watersmeet House is a stunning location that you should definitely. You will love it, I promise.

I have, however, spotted a problem.  These scones are well risen, they have jam and cream, but they are not in regimental Devonshire regalia. Everyone knows (surely) that a Devonshire scone has the cream underneath the jam.

I wondered if perhaps Watersmeet was in a different county (weird I know, but Devon, Up-North and Kernow aren’t the only counties). As you travel around Exmoor, you can be in Somerset one minute and Devon the next. I consulted the map (an Ordnance Survey one of course) and am still none the wiser. It would appear that being able to navigate at night across Dartmoor does not qualify a Blonde to spot county borders.

What do I care, I’m a blown-in and whether I’m in Devon, Kernow or Up-North, I eat my scones any which way I choose!