By: Blonde Two

Christmas cake is a long-standing (sometimes long-lasting) tradition; but I have never been very good at making it.

So this year we in house B2 commissioned a very talented and very lovely friend to bake our cake for us. It would be an understatement to say that we are pleased with the result. Not only does the cake taste absolutely delicious (something to do with the copious amounts of booze I think) but it is adorned with the most suitable and Blonde of decorations.


I shall be saving a piece for B1 so that she and I can enjoy it while we tidy away The Dartmoor Christmas Tree on Twelfth Night. Our eldest, Bearded-Blonde, has bagged the very naughty looking Jelly Baby on the top. I have a feeling that it will run away before he can get to it!

Jelly Baby Cake

So many, many thanks to Baker-Blonde. He is a very busy guy with a lively and excited family, so how he found time to be so clever, I have no idea. A very Merry Christmas to him and his family!