By: Blonde One

I am very set in my ways and resist change wherever possible. So the prospect of having to drive a new minibus this term did not go down too well. I spent ages trying to get my hands on the old one and then I realised I had to accept the inevitable. I set to work finding out the dimensions of this new vehicle ready for the narrow lanes and bridges of Exmoor (remembering how narrow and silly ‘Silly Bridge’ was).  You would think that this task was easy but not so. I ended up with an approximate measurement of height and length (you will notice the absence of the width measurement). Already I was feeling a bit ‘anti’ this bus and was definitely not feeling the love for it!

However, I have to admit that as soon as I took a peak inside I was swayed. For a start it had a full tank of fuel, so it was onto a winner straight away.

On closer inspection I discovered a whole host of lovely little features. The first is for the comfort of passengers. They very much appreciated having their own bottle holders.

Bus Passenger Cup Holder

Next feature that we discovered was for Blonde Two. She had her own bottle holder (especially designed, I think, for the noisy pink bottle). There was also a phone holder that after much careful investigation completely hid her phone when the door was closed.

Bus Phone Pocket

I think my favourite thing was the running board under the sliding door. It obediently emerged when the door was opened and disappeared when the door was closed. Thanks to Numbers we also discovered that if it came into contact with something (or someone’s shin) it retreated so as not to cause damage or injury. Very clever!

Bus Step

The crucial test for any Blonde bus is its ability to host a supply of Jelly Babies for the end of a long and tiring expedition. This bus has a perfectly placed little pocket for this very purpose.

Bus Jelly Baby Holder

So, all in all, I think this bus can stay and is a worthy chariot for Two Blondes.