By: Blonde One

Everyone loves a free gift, don’t they? We are no exception and our latest gift had us a little bit more excited than usual. Ordnance Survey have sent all sorts of goodies to their Champions, but none compares to our very special, most recent one. OS have got together with Laurence King Publishing and sent us our own copy of their beautiful colouring book!

Colouring has been linked to ‘mindfulness’ and both are becoming increasingly popular. There is something definitely therapeutic about doing some colouring, so I can see the connection. I remember when Little Miss Blonde was even more little and her grandmother would always ask if they could do colouring together. Grandmother could be found sat colouring long after Little Miss Blonde had moved onto something different.

The photos here are interesting looking places and in some cases look nothing like their ordinary maps with colours and contours. The bottom one will be very familiar to us after this weekend! We have already spent ages pouring over the maps, can you imagine for example, seeing a map of Snowdon without any contour lines?

lucys-win_20161008_174436 lucys-win_20161008_174347

In our opinion, finding a way to combine our love of maps with such a relaxing activity, is a work of genius by Ordnance Survey and we are looking forward to getting started. Thank you very much to Ordnance Survey and to Laurence King Publishing, this is a beautiful gift!