By: Blonde One


I’ve begun the preparations for my next Munro bagging trip in February. I’ve decided that I might use crampons and ice axe again so I’ve splashed out and bought my own instead of borrowing this time. I was excited to get the crampons out of the box and get them set up to my size. With instructions leaflet in hand, I began the task. Who knew it would be so tricky?! The leaflet was in a variety of languages: Italian, Spanish, German, and Gibberish!

Here’s the language that I was faced with …

“The antibott is essential for safety.”

“The Cramp-O-Matic system utilizes the rear bale and lever.”

“Sharp points are ideal for anchoring on ice cauliflower.”

“Slide the accordeon on the bar with the flange facing the forward part.”

“The bellows shape allows shrinking the crampons.”

“Adjust the accordeon by cutting it from the back side (opposite to the flange side) in the throat between two spires.”

What on earth is all that about? I think I need to consult an expert and get them to help! I wouldn’t want to mix up my cauliflower with my accordeon.