By: Blonde Two

Happy Saturday World.

Get yourselves up here to Dartmoor – it is looking wild and lovely.

A bit like us Two Blondes and our DofE friends who have just survived A-Night-Out-On-The-Princetown.

For a  Blonde, A-Night-Out-On-The-Princetown has now become an annual event. It is not your usual kind of knees-up but is great fun and is getting funner each year!  The night goes something like this:

1.  Meet in the dark in a random location and try to confuse each other with suggestions of tricky things to find in the dark.

2. Find (or not find) the tricky things using only a map and compass. This is after frisking the gentlemen for illicit electronic devices (always fun!)

3.  Retire to the Plume of Feather pub in Princetown when wandering around in the dark is no longer fun.

4. Eat copious pies and sausages, washed down with compulsory pints of Jail Ale.

5. Spend the night in a) the Fox Tor Cafe bunkhouse, or b) the gentlemen’s wigwam (they hate us calling it a wigwam!!!)  Here is a clue as to which to choose – you don’t have to go outside to use the loo at the bunkhouse!

6. Wake up with a slightly fuzzy head and make breakfast for everybody (oh no, that is just me!)

7.  Chuck everyone who is not Blonde out of the bunkhouse and have a really important business meeting about the future of Two Blondes Walking Limited!