By: Blonde One

Primula Vulgaris

You can’t fail to have noticed that the primrose has started to bloom wherever you go. They are pretty little flowers that often go overlooked but they really are stunning. We are so lucky in Devon to have so many growing in seemingly unwelcoming places as well as in our gardens and parks. The subtle yellow petals do not scream “look at me” as some flowers do but they are all the more beautiful because of it, in my opinion.

In 2004 there was a vote amongst the people of Devon. They voted for the flower that they would like as the flower of Devon. You guessed it … the primrose won!

They really are a breath of fresh Spring air and are deserving of more attention than they get. Next time you are out on a walk around the lanes and fields have a look to see how many different colours of primrose you can spot, as well as all the other beautiful spring flowers that we are blessed with.