By: Blonde Two

Last Saturday Blonde One and I went out for our first Dartmoor walk for what seems like a very long time. I have to say that it was absolutely perfect.

We had lots to catch up on so there was lots of talking (the world was put almost all the way to rights).

Great Staple

We had both been far too sensible for ages, so there was a reasonable amount of silliness (if you had seen B1 waving at the ice-cream van, you would know what I mean.)

We did some navigation practice (my favourite moment was when I asked B1, who was standing exactly on a location, whether or not she could see it from where she was).

Roos Tor Sunshine

We walked up some hills over towards Langstone Moor (and both had slightly, less-than-used, achy legs).

We wore the same boots but not at the same time.

Dartmoor put on a show of absolutely perfect shadows, sunshine, greenery and autumn hints.

White Tor

We both wanted to stay, but came home very happy Blondes!