By: Blonde Two

The Two Blondes went out on another Dartmoor adventure after work on Tuesday and it turned out to be pretty near perfect. Tors visited include Bell Tor, Shilstone Tor, Honeybag Tor, Bonehill Rocks and Mystery Tor.  We have given Mystery Tor that name as despite the fact that it can be clearly seen at SX ??????, it is not on either of our OS maps.  I say either because we have different versions of the same map.  This sometimes leads to bizarre conversations during which neither of us knows what the other is talking about.  Actually I think that might happen any way.

I have two theories about Mystery Tor.  The first is that this Tor only appears at dusk on the first Wednesday after a full moon.  We are planning to go back sometime and find out.  It was too dimpsy to take a photo of it by the time I had navigated our way across the moor via a wide spur (lump) which turned out to be next to the car park.  I spent a lot of time standing on it whilst looking for it (told you I hate contour features).  We also had to back-track to avoid a quaking bog (bouncy and horrid).  I am kind of glad that I didn’t take the picture because by now, if my theory is correct,  the photo would be blank and I would be refusing to go back there at any time of day let alone in the dark.

Another theory I have about Mystery Tor (it probably has its own perfectly good name) is that it belongs to Prince Charles (lots of Dartmoor does) and that he has put a wall and fence around it and paid OS off so that no-one will disturb him when he visits it.  He has picnics there on pure wool tartan rugs and eats scones with clotted cream underneath the jam whilst drinking Duke of Cornwall tea (is there such a thing?)  I wouldn’t blame him if this was true – maybe we should call it Charlie Tor.

As I am writing, I am wondering if anyone else has ever seen Mystery Tor.  It could be that no-one else is mad enough to venture out across a quaking bog in fading daylight.  It would be fabulous if that were true because we could claim it for our own.  We could stick a Two Blondes flag in it and call it Blonde Tor.  Now that has a certain ring to it – and if it turns out that it is on the map and we are “duffers” to quote Arthur Ransome, well we could still call it Blonde Tor couldn’t we!