By: Blonde Two

We walkers have all eaten our lunch in some strange, some lonely and some beautiful places. Lunch time is one of the points of a walking day that you aim for alongside the top of a hill, first coffee and a flushing loo. Lunch time often marks a mid point in the walk and can induce an, ‘It’s all downhill from here.’ feeling, even when, on Dartmoor, it rarely is.

Where to sit on Dartmoor is not usually a problem. Some forward thinking radical on the design team, foresaw the day when people, with no hunting or gathering left to do, would spend their time walking across their former hunting and gathering grounds. After he had foreseen it, he went home and told his wife and she said, “Well you will need to give them all somewhere to sit down and eat their lunch.” And so, the flat-topped granite boulder was added to the Dartmoor design.

Blonde One and I were lucky enough to find one of the original luxury versions of the flat-topped granite boulder when we were walking the other day. This version was a bright green, cushioned design and was so popular that it was often hidden away in woods in order to stop the upholstery becoming worn.


I have to say, it was very comfortable indeed, but a little on the damp side!!