By: Blonde Two

New Zealand DOC campsites or ‘camp grounds’ are pretty good at providing showers (and not just those of the weather type). However if, when camping in New Zealand and camping at New Zealand DOC campsites for the first time, you were to expect the hot, tiled and slightly slimy variety of shower that you find at most UK campsites, you might be disappointed (or pleasantly surprised).


After a swim (in admittedly warm waters) a cold beach shower is no problem but, should you not be hardened to colder water, standing under what amounts to a cold tap for your morning ablutions might come as a bit of a shock. You will have a cubicle, a door (sometimes) and a useful rope (perhaps to tie your soap onto). You will also have the blue New Zealand sky.

Don’t be put off, this is definitely an experience for which to ‘woman-up’! It turns out that grass and cobwebs (and weta), whilst not appealing in an indoor shower are all part of a rather special experience.