By: Blonde Two

This is becoming a habit, it is Mr B2’s birthday and, once more we are in the air. Last year, if you remember, I surprised him with a 50th birthday trip to Tromso and then Nordkapp in Northern Norway. An amazing time was had with lots of snow, no darkness and 9 days straight of the most scenic wild campervan camping you could surely have. This year Mr B2 knows where we are going, we are heading for New Zealand and will be flying for much longer (approximately 5 times) and landing in Auckland with our time zones all upside down but our feet on some of the fairest earth there is (well, maybe not Auckland airport but Norm’s farm is rather lovely).

I started writing my Pommie Guide to New Zealand during a previous trip and thought I would try a few bits of it out on you. If you are thinking about visiting New Zealand (and why wouldn’t you be) you might find it useful. It made me laugh reading it back again so maybe it will do the same for you. I have to go now, I have small meals on trays to eat, small films on screens to watch and some rather nice New Zealand wine to drink before I don’t get any sleep at all. While I do all of these important things, I thought you might like to hear about some of my previous New Zealand visits, but maybe not the first one… that is a story best kept between myself and my Kiwi cousins!

New Zealand – Rangitoto Island and a bit of toilet confusion…

Excuse Me, Where is the Lava-Tree?

New Zealand – Earthquakes in Wellington

Drop Cover Hold

My favourite place in New Zealand – Norm’s Farm

Norm's Place