By: Blonde Two

Chez Blonde Two we are puppy sitting at the moment. Well, Opie is over a year old now but he is doing his very best to show off his puppy side to Grandma and Grandad. (Here he is during one of the many times a day that he decides Grandma should stop working).

Opie belongs to our son Six-Foot-Blonde who, this week is doing something that has made his mother very proud. He is in charge of a children’s holiday. Six-Foot isn’t a stranger to children’s holidays, he has attended these particular trips as a young lad from the age of 9, for many years since as a volunteer monitor and now as the person-in-charge.

Being the person-in-charge, as both of us Blondes know, is a daunting thing, especially if the people that you are in charge of are children (mind you, most children are more responsive than adults!) There is nothing quite like that feeling that the buck stops with you, that if anything goes wrong it will be your job to sort it out and that, at the end of the day, it will be you that has to answer parents’ questions.


Six-Foot never did do anything by half and has elected to do his first being-in-charge in a spectacular way that involves knives, axes and fire. His holiday, you see, is an ATE Wild Things Superweek. His charges and staff will be living under canvas and having a grand old outdoors time. It appears that all those years of Cub and Scout camp have not gone to waste. As well as being a Scout leader, I have worked for ATE Superweeks myself, once as chef and once as matron. Both times allowed me to see how hard the staff (and most are volunteers) work on these holidays.

I am looking forward to welcoming Six-Foot and his lovely lady (who is also running her own Superweek this week) home soon, for a rest… and to help us with their very lovely, but exhausting puppy!