By: Blonde Two

This Blonde has a new toy to play with.  I am not sure if it is just me but I am in the habit of going out and buying myself a present just after Christmas.  This is usually billed as “sales shopping” but often ends up being a full price item.

This year it was a new day sack.  For the uninitiated among you, this is a rucksack that you fill with too much stuff and carry around all day as opposed to a bigger rucksack that you fill with even more stuff and heave ungracefully to a wild camp site.

I have been on my my quest for a new day sack for a long time now.  It has been the subject of many discussions with Blonde One during which we mentally designed the perfect one for us.  I am very excited to announce that this one fulfills all of my essential criteria;  it has pockets on the waist strap for my lip salve, Wine Gums and tissues, it has an “away from the back” system which helps to reduce sweat levels and, most importantly, it can expand to fit in even more stuff (will talk about the stuff on another day).

I have, however, discovered one issue that did not appear (or I did not notice) with my old rucksack.  I am a well endowed Blonde (cue search engine errors) and the part of me that is between the waist and chest strap gets a bit – well, how shall we say it – squeezed together – in the middle.  While I find this a bit disconcerting, I guess it could be construed as an advantage, we girls do, after all, pay a lot of money for bras that do exactly the same thing!