By: Blonde Two

We all know that on Tuesday night Barney stormed in and had a bit of a moment. Well, knowing that I had spent the day buried in youngsters, computers, paperwork and concrete; Barney invited me to go for a walk with him.

I insisted that we had our walk before Barney got really stroppy and blew trees down, waves up and skirts over heads. Barney agreed; he also agreed that we would just have a quickie.

I was so glad that we went because outside with Barney, I found lots of things that I liked; plus we all know that the best way to deal with youngsters, computers, paperwork and concrete is to get outside. I liked:

  • The few autumn leaves that were still clinging to the gnarly trees (are trees gnarly all year round?)Autumn Leaves
  • The slight squodginess of the grass.
  • Kirrin Island (of Five fame).
  • The fact that my ‘smart’ boots were also waterproof.
  • Barney trying harder to blow me over as I got close to the sea.
  • The pool of still water behind a row of rocks.Rock Pool
  • The wall of seaweed that was trying in vain to keep the tide in abeyance.Seaweed Wall
  • The wolf/dog with one brown and one blue eye. I don’t think he was part of a re-wilding scheme.
  • The way that Brixham’s lights started to twinkle across the bay.
  • The slice of moon that kept disappearing behind clouds.

It was a lovely quickie but sadly Barney and I have now parted company. He blew off somewhere to knock a few phone lines down.

PS There was only one thing that I didn’t like on my walk. It was the silly lady telling her husband (around 55) off for, ‘Standing so close to that puddle.’ If she had been my wife, I would have jumped into the puddle and kicked water all over her!