By: Blonde One

Lots of DofE involves meeting deadlines: the paperwork has to be sent within a specific timeframe, the routes are full of checkpoints which must be met. Last week’s trip contained a rather different deadline though. We had to get back to Foxtor before it closed at 5pm. We had had a very busy day and missed both breakfast and lunch. The best we could manage was a hastily eaten snack every hour or so. So we were more keen than usual to get to the café for some of their delicious cheesy chips to revive us. I had a bit of a race on to get us all there in the minibus without breaking the 40mph speed limit. I was feeling quite determined and a little annoyed at some of the obstacles that we encountered. We met sheep that threatened to walk straight onto the road in front of us, we negotiated sillyly parked cars and we tried to be patient when oncoming cars insisted on waiting for us to pass on the narrowest possible piece of road. We were nearly there; Princetown was in sight. But there was only a few minutes left! We eventually arrived into the car park at 5.01pm. We had missed our chance by one minute. We bumped into Dave, the owner, who teased us about how good his bowl full of cheesy chips had just tasted. We retreated to the bunkhouse and tried to face up to the prospect of some kind of tuna based snack: not the same at all.

To our delight there was a knock at the door and we were greeted by 2 huge bowls of cheesy chips from Dave. Never have we been so excited by a delivery and we shared the finest cheesy chips known to man. Trust me – they tasted good!