By: Blonde One

My walking life has been recorded over the last few years not just by this blog, but by my log book. Doing any sort of walking qualification requires recording all ‘quality’ walks in a log book. It serves as a really good record of my walks and is interesting to look back on. A quality walk is defined as being over 4 hours long, in wild country, on a walk that is new. Needless to say the Two Blondes ‘personal walking’ section is very full, and much of it is identical. The ‘leading’ section is also rather full and gives me a good feeling when I look back and consider all the ground I have covered and all the navigation I have tried to teach. My log book is full of memories, very much like a personal diary, (or a blog) and serves to remind me of people I have walked with and the adventures we had, in a variety of locations (including helicopters, wild swimming and camping, and getting stuck in bogs). This week I have updated it and I am very pleased that I was able to begin a new section: ‘International Mountain walking’. I hope that Mount Toubkal will not remain alone for long in this section! My log book has also proved useful over the last few months as I have taken copies for Blonde Two, who has forgotten to update hers! We have had the pleasure of encouraging two of our DofE’ers to begin their journey into leading expeditions and have been only too pleased to copy my log book again for them, since some of my walks with groups have included them. This makes a good start to their log book and I hope one day that it will also be full of adventures and exciting memories.