By: Blonde One

Well maybe not a room with a view, but a plane! From my plane window I observed many things that I found interesting. The gentle movement of the wings was not one of them, nor was the ice crystals forming on the window (too scary to think about). From just above Gatwick I began to see the most beautiful landscape forming beneath me. I fully understand the great English poet, William Blake, who wrote of ‘England’s green and pleasant land’. The patchwork of green fields was stunning and reminded me of all the good things about our countryside.

I have many times heard the phrase ‘shipping lane’ mentioned but never really thought about it. From a few thousand feet up in the air I could quite clearly see an actual shipping lane. The ships below, which looked like small dingys but were probably huge cargo ships, were sailing nicely in a very orderly line. This appealed to the OCD in me, as I like everything to be neat and tidy. Upon returning home, research via the ever trustworthy (!) Wikipedia has revealed that these lanes are used for trade vessels to make optimum use of wind directions and speeds.

Lastly and perhaps most obviously, was the clouds and sky. As always the clouds were awesome, in the true sense of the word. For the first time of many that trip, I was speechless and had my breath taken away by nature’s beauty. The clouds were literally a blanket of white resembling snow or an ocean. The sky’s colour was so clear and spectacular. A favourite novel of mine has the quote: the sky was a ‘blameless blue’. The sums up brilliantly the sky that day.

It’s amazing what you can see when you really look.