By: Blonde Two

Mr B2 has had a nasty cold (not man-flu!)

I haven’t (well I haven’t yet).

This is, of course because I have been regularly swimming in the sea and thus indulging in a seaside water cure.

I grew up in Malvern and regularly partook of ‘the waters’. Dr John Wall said this about them (and co-founded the hospital in which I am all three of my children were born):

“The Malvern water, says Dr John Wall

Is famed for containing just nothing at all.”

The Victorians were subject to all sorts of water cures involving wet cloths, douches (both descending and ascending!) and donkeys.

Anyway, the other day I put my seaside water cure theory to the test. I had kicked a friend whilst hugging him goodbye (doesn’t everyone) and had given one of my toes a nasty knock. In the morning the toe was blue and I had a job walking but was determined to go for a swim anyway. When I got out of the water (after a dip of about 15 minutes) there was no pain whatsoever.

“It’s worked!” I thought, “the water cure is real.”

It had worked… temporarily. As it turns out my toe was numb from the cold. Once it thawed out it started hurting all over again.