By: Blonde Two

Blonde One and I both wear glasses and contact lenses (not usually at the same time).  This means that from time to time out on Dartmoor, one of us develops an eye issue (usually steamy glasses or misplaced lenses) and the other has to take over being in charge of ‘looking’.

We discovered long ago, that we don’t both need to be ‘looking’ at the same time.  As long as Blonde telepathy is working, the one who is in charge of ‘looking’ can usually communicate the required important sightings.

All of which is probably why Blonde One was a bit surprised when,as we were walking along (at a secret time, in a secret place) I suddenly shouted, “House!”House in Woods3Telepathy wasn’t necessary as I used the Blonde technique of pointing and waving my arm around until Blonde One also spotted the house.  It wasn’t your conventional house, but we were very impressed with it.  Someone had created this brilliantly disguised, very beautiful and lovingly crafted den, we really enjoyed exploring it!House in Woods2