By: Blonde Two

A little break from our Isles of Scilly blog posts today. We have so much to tell you about our recent visit to those lovely islands, but today I felt honour-bound to encourage you to visit Dartmoor. That is because Dartmoor is doing autumn rather well this year.

At least it was in yesterday’s sunshine!


I hope that it is sunny for you today (forecasts suggest not) because if it is you can head up to Dartmoor and enjoy the delights of sunlight dancing on bracken, leaves that are a variety of emerald and cinnamon shades and low sunlight bouncing off ripe berries.


If it is misty then welcome to Dartmoor, you can appreciate the slow drips from lichen covered trees, muffled footsteps and that unique feeling of isolation.

Bowerman Mist 1

Whatever the weather, get up there and enjoy Dartmoor’s most excellent autumn, you won’t regret it!