By: Blonde Two

Well the stockings were filled (and looked a lot like old pillow cases), the meat defrosted (and hopefully isn’t green like last year’s turkey), the tree is up (if slightly lopsided) and the fire is already lit (and only smoking a little bit).

Most importantly at Chez B2 this year we have a very special visitor:

I’m not talking about Not-At-All-Blonde (although she is here).
I’m not talking about Six-Foot-Blonde (he is here too).
I’m not talking about Red-Red-Blonde (she is here with Six-Foot).

This special visitor did not arrive on a sleigh or down our chimney but he does occasionally leave little presents on the floor. He has not got a red nose but rather a little, brown, wet one. He is more inclined to say ‘woof, woof’ than ‘Ho Ho Ho’ but he loves being outside!

Meet Opie, not quite a grandchild just yet but definitely the next best thing. We are enjoying beach walks, Dartmoor adventures and lot of playing. ‘Grandma’ (that’s me) has even given him his first swimming lesson in the sea!

Nice to have a doggie again, even if it is just for a few days!