By: Blonde Two

Mr Blonde Two knows me so very well.  Last night he gave me a present that thrilled me to the core.  It wasn’t diamonds, it wasn’t perfume and it wasn’t a spa day.  No, dear Blonde fans, last night’s gift was much more down to earth than that.  Last night Mr Blonde Two gave me a new head torch.

This head torch is fantastic – it has 3 white LEDs (one extra special) and one red one, it also has lots and lots of lumens (whatever they are), it is waterproof, it does flashing, shines for 50 meters, lasts for 90 hours and (Blonde One will melt with envy at this one) … it has a built in storage pouch on the strap.  If you have read my recent blogs about night navigation practice, you will understand why I am so thrilled with this pressie.  No more invisible tors and waist gorse wading for me – I will finally be able to see where I am going.

Now, at this point, some of you will be shaking your heads and wondering why a bloke would buy a Blonde such a gift but Mr Blonde Two is several steps ahead of you here.  Why a head torch and why tonight?  Well the explanation is simple really and very clever – yesterday was our Silver Wedding Anniversary and … you guessed it … the head torch is a Silva Head Torch.  Brilliant! (pun intended).