By: Blonde One


This year was a great year for Ten Tors. Trinity School had their first team for ages, the weather was perfect and the 7am start was more spectacular than normal. It’s always an emotive sight to see 2,400 teenagers coming down the hill towards their potentially life changing adventure but to add to this, the fabulous armed forces pull out all the stops to provide a start to remember. This year was better than ever.


The usual fly past of the two Merlin helicopters is always a treat, combined with the band and the cannon. This year’s start was more of a spectacle than usual as we had eight parachutists flying down with expected military precision; hitting their spot on the ground to perfection.

The Ten Tors prayer is always a particularly moving moment but this year was even more so as it was read beautifully to our team by one of our fine Young Leaders.

“O God, who has made the earth of great beauty and instilled in man a spirit for adventure, we thank you for the beauty of nature for the courage and vigour of youth for companionship and for the opportunity to enjoy these gifts
Go, we pray, with all who are setting out on this great venture among the tors of a unique and ancient moorland. Grant that, by meeting each challenge and difficulty with honest endeavour and unselfish courage they may find a spirit of determination and true comradeship that will benefit themselves and those about them both now and in the future.”