By: Blonde One

I have long discussed with Blonde Two the possibility of turning to a new hobby instead of spending days and nights away from home with a bunch of (sometimes stroppy) teenagers. Two hobbies have been mentioned in more detail than others: knitting and ladybird spotting. I am pleased to announce that I am one step closer to becoming a ladybird spotter after a visit to the RSPB section of the Cotswolds shop in Exeter.

The habitats that could be purchased there were very tempting. They came in various shapes and sizes would have made a fantastic addition to the Blonde One garden. I resisted … for now.


What I didn’t resist though was a very comprehensive identification card giving details of 26 types of ladybird and details about their habitat, patterns, distribution and life cycle.

LUCYS - WIN_20150712_164626

And so, the process has started. I am a step closer to converting from outdoor leader to slightly crazy ladybird spotter!