By: Blonde Two

On Sunday my sister (Blonde Sis) and I treated ourselves to pre-bimble cooked breakfast at the lovely Ullacombe Farm near Haytor  As we were not planning to go far, this meant that we had not packed a picnic for our stroll up to Buckland Beacon.  We were not hungry when we got there but somehow, sitting on top of a big rock, looking at lovely views induced an uncontrollable picnic-shaped craving and we decided to dig deep in our bags and pool our resources.

We found – one flask of sweet coffee, one box of dates, three Jelly Babies (of course) and half a bag of salt and vinegar crisps.  Coming from a big family, we grew up used to eating whatever there was without asking too many questions and, as a result, were quite pleased with our mini-feast.

The picnic did throw up a few issues.  We had to vote for one poor Jelly Baby to be bitten in half so that he could be shared (sorry Mr Green).  We discovered that on a windy Dartmoor day, it is difficult to control a big crisp bag that only has a few crisps left in it.  We also found out that sweet coffee is ok after a long hike but a bit much after a flattish half hour bimble.

It all became very strange when Blonde Sis decided to do an experiment with one of her dates (not the go to a restaurant, kiss/not kiss kind of date – that would be worrying).  Her hypothesis was that dates will stick to granite tors for a prescribed amount of time.  As I had forgotten my watch, the timing element of this experiment was going to prove tricky until we found that dates do not, in fact, stick to granite at all (nobel prize this way please).