By: Blonde One

I have a long history with the word juxtaposition and I very rarely use it due to this long history but needs must! (I will tell the juxtaposition story another time, but only if there is absolutely nothing to talk about in connection with Dartmoor or walking.)

I had a very enjoyable couple of hours on the moors this afternoon with Blonde Two as we sought out the Christmas tree again, but this time armed with tinsel, lights and baubles (more details to follow from Blonde Two, I think). We were perfectly kitted out to cope with the minus degree temperatures (apart from one exception – my boots – although the ground was so frozen trainers were fine) and set off on our mini trek. It was the perfect way to clear our heads and I returned to the car feeling better than I had in a while. The strange juxtaposition came (and induced fits of laughter from Blonde Two) as I informed her that I had to be back home by 5.45 in order to make it to an appointment at 6 to have my eyebrows waxed! (Well I can’t have my eyebrows looking like a couple of fox caterpillars, can I? (I’ve noticed there are lots of brackets in this blog.))

It is a strange thing when the two halves of my world collide like this!