By: Blonde Two

Dear Readers

I have an unusual sleeping bag problem for you. As you know I am very fond of my sleeping bags, in particular Big Orange who has been accompanying me on adventures for over eight years now. I know all sorts of things about sleeping in sleeping bags, I know how to snuggle right down inside them, I know how to keep calm when I can’t find my way out of them and I know where exactly to place my bra in them when I need to dry it.

What I don’t seem to have worked out, however, is where I should put my hands when I am inside my sleeping bag. It isn’t a non-camping problem is it? When you are in a bed, your hands can roam anywhere, under pillows and over your head, you can even fling them asunder. However, in a sleeping bag things are all a bit more restricted and I find my hands in all kinds of awkward places. This awkwardness is more that just a bit odd, it wakes me up. The other night when B1 and I were backpack camping on Dartmoor, we were warm and comfortable and I would have slept solidly had it not been for regular wake-ups caused not by the cold or by my bladder but by the lack of blood in my hands where I had been either sleeping on them or bending them back at strange angles.

If anyone has any answers to this conundrum I would be most pleased to hear them. Short of removing my hands before going to bed, I can’t seem to think of a solution.