By: Blonde Two

I finally have a new pair of walking boots. Not a moment too soon, the Ten Tors season is about to start, I have an important Dartmoor occasion on Saturday and B1 and Mr B2 are probably getting fed up with me borrowing their’s. Here is the story:

  1. Blonde Two takes a very long time finding someone who  can sell her a pair of Meindl Burmas – the same as her previous pair.
  2. Eventually ‘Company A’ say that they can order them in from Meindl.
  3. Blonde Two is very grateful and goes to New Zealand along with her old boots.
  4. The new boots don’t arrive in the UK.
  5. Blonde Two takes a gamble and leaves the old pair on the farm in New Zealand.
  6. The new boots don’t arrive in the UK.
  7. Blonde Two does a Goldilocks and borrows B1’s boots (too comfortable) and Mr B2’s boots (too harsh).
  8. The new boots don’t arrive in the UK. The Three Bears don’t arrive either.
  9. B2 tries hard (and fails) not to get cross. She asks ‘Company A’ to nag Meindl about the boots. They reply that Meindl are based in Germany. B2 is fairly sure that they have phones in Germany and offers to translate.
  10. The new boots don’t arrive in the UK.
  11. ‘Company B’ email B2, tell her how much they like the blog and ask if she wants to review some gear for them.
  12. B2 notices that ‘Company B’ sell Meindl Burmas. She almost shouts, ‘Yes Please!’
  13. B2 cancels the order with ‘Company A’ who have finally received the boots (sorry!)
  14. ‘Company A’ refund B2’s money.
  15. B2 receives her brand new, just right and free Meindl Burmas just in time to break them in for an important Dartmoor day.

I call it karma … you might just say Blonde-luck; but whichever way, my feet are going to be dry through the bogs this winter!

Watch this space for a boot review!