By: Blonde Two

Blonde One and I had occasion to walk down past Jay’s Grave the other day. Most of us know the story of poor old Kitty, her good-for-nothing boyfriend and her untimely end. Most of us also know that Kitty’s grave is never free of adornment.

The legend suggests flowers, but these days some creative folk are taking a more modern approach and Kitty is often the recipient of coins, little plastic toys, sticks, grass and hand-written notes. I am not sure that Kitty would recognise plastic and she probably couldn’t even read, but I imagine that she is as equally grateful for a bunch of flowering grass as an elegant tulip.

Upon our last visit we found this particularly pleasing stone arrangement. At first I thought it a gift from a creative admirer; but maybe I was wrong, does Kitty Jay occasionally come back and leave thank you messages?