By: Blonde One

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We all know that Christmas is the time of year to give gifts to friends and family, carefully chosen with love. The Two Blondes have recently received a lovely gift each of a Sherpa hat. We are both delighted with them and it didn’t take us long to get out on the moors to test them. Here’s a few reasons that we like them:

We attracted a lot of attention from sheep (they were blue incidentally!) and ponies, so we know that they looked good.

Blue Sheep

It was blowing a hooley (is that the right spelling?) and they stayed firming fixed in the right place.

Despite the freezing cold wind our heads stayed toasty warm.

They managed to do something that no other hat in my possession has done: it came far enough down my head to keep my ears warm without pushing my glasses off.

The label, as with all Sherpa items, has a great message.

Lastly we like them because we have matching (but slightly different!) ones.