By: Blonde Two

Sittaford Tor SX633829 is by all accounts, unexciting, relatively flat and quite green.  I don’t know because, despite attempting an approach from several different directions, I have never yet made it there.  Apparently the views are wild and lovely, it is mid moor and having been temptingly close several times, I can believe that they are.

The North Dartmoor hills are a bit of a mystery to me, I have skirted around the edges but not really done a march across the middle.  On Saturday, I was a mean friend and abandoned Blonde One to walk with kids (she did have other grown-ups to organise too) from Okehampton to Princetown.  Blonde One walks faster than me and keeps up with the young ones better.  The minibus needed to get to Princetown to meet the kids and I, being tempted by the call of a bacon sandwich at the lovely Fox Tor Cafe and feeling a pressing need for a flushing toilet decided to hop on board for a ride.

This strategy was not entirely successful as we had just joined the Tavistock road when a call from Blonde One had us returning to our camping spot to meet our 45 mile team who had a broken rucksack that needed swapping out.  This little detour didn’t, in the end make the team (who had had to re-walk some ground) late but it did mean that my need for a flushing toilet became rather urgent by the time we reached Princetown.

Anyway, later in the morning, bacon sandwich and toilet needs happily met, we set off from Two Bridges to walk North and meet Blonde One’s party at Sittaford Tor.  It was a lovely walk – sunny with a little breeze, up along the Littaford, Longaford, Higher and Lower White ridge.  Once we were off the ridge, I did manage to step in an “over the knee” bog – the moment made soggier by my catapulting myself forwards at the same time to achieve wet boobs.  Luckily the wind and sun dried me out quite quickly and I didn’t have to drip all the way home.

Sandy Hole Pass

Either the kids were faster or I was slower than expected but they passed Sittaford Tor before we got there.  We found them at Sandy Hole Pass where there is indeed a pass, lots of holes and some sand – there is also the lovely East Dart River.  Once again my cunning plan had failed to get me to Sittaford.  One day I will manage it and I hope that it is not too unexciting, the grass isn’t just a little bit too green and that the views are indeed lovely.