By: Blonde Two

Walking treasure hunt

We Blondes have been enjoying our local walks but would like to be walking together again soon. If you are missing your usual walking buddies or having trouble persuading the family to join you on your daily outings, how about this treasure hunt. Suitable for any age and designed to make you think, be warned, there are touches of Blonde throughout.


On today’s local walk can you find…

☐ something that usually dangles

☐ the initial of someone you love

☐ a bird (but not a real one)

☐ the reflection of a beautiful person

☐ a prop from Game of Thrones

☐ a mysterious door (enter at your peril)

☐ a sound you haven’t heard before

☐ something floating

☐ a colourful carpet

☐ a cloud that looks like a face


Free downloadable PDF

If you would like to take a paper copy of the treasure hunt with you, we have attached a free downloadable PDF below. Do let us know how you got on. You can make a comment here on the blog or, if you use social media, how about sharing a few of your Blonde treasure hunt photos with us…

A Very Blonde Treasure Hunt

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Happy treasure hunting!