By: Blonde One

As we’ve previously said: outdoorsy people are generally very organised people! The Two Blondes like to think of themselves as outdoorsy and also very organised. However, there seems to be mounting evidence to support the idea that we are actually quite disorganised! This morning the Two Blondes had a very important appointment with some very important people. This appointment has been arranged for quite a few weeks and we have been looking forward to it a great deal. The day started well: the weather was good, we had discussed our outfits so that we were suitably attired and our meeting point and time were sorted before we made our way. There was a horrible moment though, when we both realised that we had lost the address of our destination! Desperate searches of old e-mails and texts proved fruitless and we finally had to admit our mistake. It is all very embarrassing and I’m fairly sure that we will not be allowed to forget our mistake!

So it seems that the Two Blondes can navigate our way over empty Dartmoor, in the dark, in the fog and find a tiny cairn or the shallowest of contour features, but give us a car, the A38 and a bit of technology and we are totally thrown!