By: Blonde One

Can you guess where this journey leads?

This journey unfortunately starts with the A38 but only for a short time. As I leave the A38 I begin to get a sense of calm and anticipation! I travel past some lovely big houses, one of which I would love to purchase one day. Past Lavendar House that used to be The Grasshopper in my day, which was the (not so) local nightclub! Many a Saturday night was spent here. Over the pot hole in the road that gets me every time. Through the avenue of trees that are so beautiful in so many different ways depending on the season. Over the bridge to see the first glimpse of the River Dart. It seems to be compulsory at this point to have a mini conversation about the river and its height and flow speed. Today it was not as high as I expected but certainly very fast flowing. Past Holne Chase House where James was picked up and dropped off from the school bus every morning. I always was very jealous of him living in such a lovely house – I wonder if he is still there? Over the piece of road that very recently had some ugly grafitti but which has been covered thankfully! Over the bridge to see ‘the ledge’ that Blonde Two will tell you about some time. Past the Molly Mac’s ice cream van selling excellent ice creams and hot drinks! Up the hill to Poundsgate where Tim used to live in the Post Office that has long since closed. Tim was the chef at Badger’s Holt where I had my weekend job whilst at school. Up another very steep hill past the turning to Leusdon where I helped a friend celebrate her Birthday a few years ago at the Village Hall. Pausing briefly to admire Uppacott House on the left which is a 14th century thatched longhouse that received Lottery funding to help to renovate it. The last little bit of hill is now before me as I can feel my excitement rising.

Finally, the journey is over. I have reached my favourite place on Dartmoor. The view as you leave the tall hedges of the road to see Yar Tor, Sharp Tor and Corndon Tor is the most spectacular view in my opinion of the whole of Dartmoor and I never fail to enjoy the journey up and the breathtaking view itself. I could go to great lengths to describe it but I would never do it justice so I suggest that you take the same journey and see for yourself!