By: Blonde One

I promised, a little while ago, a post about the Prince Hall Hotel – so here it is! The Two Blondes recently had a very nice fish pie for lunch there (when we stupidly forgot that Fox Tor Cafe was closed!). It was a beautiful place and we decided that one day soon we would love to stay the night. We pictured ourselves, after a long days walking, having a pre dinner drink in the lounge before going into dinner, where we would have a glass or two of lovely red wine! We had it all sorted. We had even decided on our dinner outfits! Whilst sat in the cosy lounge, by the log fire, looking out at the blustery moorland scene, I recalled a story that I had been told many years ago by a fellow blonde walker. This blonde friend had been a Policewoman in her past and she claimed that one night she (and a few others) had been called in to do an extra shift at the Prince Hall Hotel. It was a somewhat secret mission and the Police personnel didn’t know what they were going there for until they got there. Upon arriving at the hotel they were told that they were to provide security for Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer!!! Prince Charles is their landlord after all! Apparently they were to spend the night here away from the prying press while their engagement was announced to the world. It’s such a romantic setting, I can see why they chose it.

There are lots of other really fascinating facts about this hotel on their website – have a look!