By: Blonde One

I’m a firm believer that the Two Blondes have addictive personalities. There are many things that the Two Blondes could be addicted to: take the Jelly Baby for instance. We consume vast quantities over the season, we peer pressure others into eating them, we obsessively talk (and blog) about them, we have a photo gallery of them, our ultimate dream would be to visit the factory, we have assigned personalities to them … The list is so long, I could go on for hours and hours and hours! One of us could have a near addiction to wine, one of us could have an actual addiction to boots, we both could have an addiction to chocolate, etc, etc. But the best addiction of all is to Ten Tors! It’s an annual event that we move heaven and earth to be able to attend. Our training season ends in this weekend challenge that we would not miss for all the world. Between us we have attended about 20 years worth of Ten Tors weekends and the excitement never diminishes. It’s a well known fact that Ten Tors is addictive as students that have participated in the past (my daughter included) try to return to the event either as a spectator, helper or leader. The Two Blondes (plus one daughter) are getting very excited now as the countdown begins!

So, beware, if ever you get involved with Ten Tors – just once – you will be hooked forevermore. Give up all hope of ever having the second weekend in May free for the rest of your life!