By: Blonde Two

Now this IS exciting. Today Mr B2 and I are (if everything has gone to plan) waking up in London (not the exciting bit) and I will be giving Mr B2 an envelope. In this envelope will be some information and some tickets (the exciting bit). The tickets are a birthday present because today is Mr B2s 50th birthday (he is refusing to admit to this fact).

I think there is actually a risk that I will burst with excitement shortly before Mr B2 opens the envelope and that he will burst with excitement just after he does so. The thing is, you see, that he has no idea whatsoever what the tickets are for. We are going on a trip… to a place… on a plane… with some stuff… and an incomprehensible language. That is all I can tell you for now. There will be views, water, roads and really hardly any people at all.

Happy birthday Mr B2, now wake up and open that envelope, I really can’t wait any longer!