By: Blonde One

We talk about kit a lot. We love to share our experiences with boots, clothing, navigation equipment, waterproofs, etc, etc. You name it in terms of kit, and we will be happy to talk about it for ages. The one essential piece of kit that we have never shared with you, our lovely readers, is the humble boot bag. My boot bag comes with me on every adventure: well, as far as the car park anyway. It is full of all sorts of useful equipment apart from the obvious boots and I would be quite lost without it. It’s ideal at the end of the walk when I need to change into trainers for driving and don’t want my muddy boots to get the minibus or car boot filthy but it has all sorts of unexpected uses too.

Here’s a list of the equipment that is stored in my boot bag:

  1. Boots
  2. Socks (winter, summer and sock liners)
  3. Carabiners (various sizes)
  4. Elastic bands
  5. Sick bag (for the sometimes poorly teenager who has eaten too many sweets combined with the twisty Dartmoor roads)
  6. Spare boot laces
  7. Ice scraper
  8. One penny (picked up from the floor in a ‘see a penny …’ kind of way)
  9. USB charger for the cigar lighter socket so that I can keep my phone at full battery
  10. Car keys (when I’m driving the minibus I need to store my car keys somewhere where I won’t lose or forget them)

Another additional use for my trusty bag is a (uncomfortable) pillow for exhausted dogs!

I can’t recommend this simple and affordable piece of kit enough.